Manna Resource Centre


The (FAITH LEADERS’ ACTION & SUPPORT FOR HIV) F.L.A.S.H.Project plans to build on the experiences, learning, milestones and achievements realized through the collaborative work between Manna Resource Centre where the project will be based and Leicestershire AIDS Support Services (LASS) to build the capacity of Manna Resource Centre in order to address issues relating to the limited input and ill advice of faith leaders in response to local and global strategies aimed at dealing with the transmission of HIV and AIDS deaths.

The F.L.A.S.H Project also takes into account our involvement with the Global Working Group on Faith and a consultative meeting on Theology on HIV at the Queens Foundation and national media concerns. These have given Manna Resource Centre the awareness of the new challenges and opportunities that are available for faith leaders to be involved in the fight to help stop the transmission of HIV and AIDS deaths nationally and internationally.

This Strategic Plan (2011-2016) specifically seeks to work in partnership with LASS and to build and strengthen the capacity of Manna Resource Centre where the F.L.A.S.H. Project will be based so as to effectively facilitate, coordinate and educate faith leaders locally and nationally in order to support the global mission to stop the transmission of HIV and AIDS deaths. Through this Plan, the F.L.A.S.H. Project endeavours to stimulate dialogue between faith leaders in order to support existing approaches that stops HIV transmission, illnesses, stigma and AIDS deaths by creating awareness, empowerment and engaging faith communities.