Manna Resource Centre

Dreams Project

Learning Support

The Dreams Project help poeple at various levels gain qualification or find jobs.  We have recently worked for the Leicestershire Learning and Skills Council and with Leicestershire Learning Partnership and Co-operative & Social Enterprise Development Agency. We have been noted as a Good Practice case study for the Government Office East Midlands. Our beneficiaries engage poeple in Skills for life learning programmes that also enhance  their job prospects. We are therefore experienced in working with people from diverse backgrounds helping them to achieve excellence in their area of learning of ICT, Key Literacy Skills and ESOL.

Job Search Skills                                                                                                         

Part of our provision is to equip our clients with job search skills, engage them in work placement and to support them as they enter into the employment market. As our change through progression and through the needs of the numerous poeple shown through our customer survey, we have in turn develop  of new programmes in order to meet their demands.  

Students' Support

Students are supported as follows: childcare, pastoral support, help Welfare advice is also available.

Keep Fit Project

The centre also has recreational facilities such as a gym

. We can virtually help you with almost everything you need to help you improve or further your education. Call our offices on 0(44)1162622559 or email us at and someone will help you to make the right decisions.